Lord, You Are An “On Time” God

Lord, thank You for Your provision, You are an “on time” God. My car sat on empty for a few days. Wednesday, the day I had to work, I prayed, “Lord, today is the day I need gas money, I must have it this day to accomplish your will.” I went to check the mail, and sure enough the $10.00 gas gift card we were promised for giving blood [so long ago that I forgot all about it] arrived that very day. Just in time for me to accomplish Your will for me.
On Friday I leave the house for a funeral and then to work, on empty once again. I say, “surly the Lord will provide. He will not leave me stuck on the side of the road or without money for food.” I leave to accomplish Your will for me in faith, confident that You will provide a way, somehow. I made it to work on fumes, with an empty stomach as well. Lo and behold, You come through once again. There was no reason to say anything to anyone, because I serve an “on time” God. I return home that evening with food in my stomach and gas in my car.
Just as Your word promises, You give me “this day” my daily bread, You never leave me nor forsake me, and You never leave me comfortless. You are an “on time” God.
Lord, now I say “our insurance is due tomorrow, please provide the funds we need.” Yet I fret not and refuse to worry or lose my joy, because You are an “on time” God. You know our needs, You care for us and won’t leave us wanting.
Monday I will say, “surly the Lord will provide money for our electric bill before they cut it off on the 30th.” Then I shall go about my business and accomplish Your will for me in excited anticipation.
What a thrill to see Your mighty hand move. I stand in awe and wonder that You would care enough for little ole me and my trivial problems, to move on my behalf. If I didn’t eat from Your hand daily, I would miss out on seeing a miracle every day! I am blessed to be able to receive my subsistence daily, directly from the palms of Your loving hands.
My heart goes out to those who look to their jobs and bank accounts for their subsistence, when do they see miracles? If their accounts and pantries are continually overflowing, when do they see Your mighty hand move on their behalf? They may feel secure, but where is their joy? Do their eyes fill with wonder, do they stand in awe of your mighty deeds, do they understand that You care about every little detail of their lives? Surly You can still demonstrate to them Your perfect loving care for them.
Perhaps this is why we all experience some kind of suffering, or how else would we come to You to be comforted? Perhaps this is why we all experience extreme upsets in life, or how else would we witness Your ability to make all things right? Perhaps this is why we all experience some kind of loss, Or how else would we be filled? You fill us with peace, joy, and Your perfect love, which brings us to completion. I will look to You each day as if it were my first and my last. Give me “this day” my daily bread and forgive me Lord, my trespasses. May Your kingdom come and Your will be done, here on earth, as it is in heaven. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever, amen.

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