A New Years Prayer


Dear Father, You have blessed us {Your Body} with yet another year, but only You know what each new day brings our way. We behold a new day, bright and cheery, full of glorious potential, a day to be embraced with joy and gladness. Lord, may we live each day purposefully to bring You glory and honor. Help us to be mindful of our time, to embrace each moment and savor it as precious, for our times are in Your hands. My prayer is that we draw closer to You, hear Your voice, and walk in Your will for our lives. Lord, may we seek Your face and spread Your joy and grace where ever we may go. May we look to the future with great expectation for all You are going to do through us. May we look up to You to be filled, and around us to be poured out, than to You, to be filled again. Lord let us choose to make New Years prayers instead of resolutions, for in our own strength we can do nothing, but in Christ we can do all things, by Your power. Lord fill our homes with Your presence this year. May our homes be a sanctuary, dedicated to You and You alone. May all who enter therein be blessed by Your presence, find Your peace, and be drawn by Your Spirit. Lord thank You that You are teaching us to walk by faith and not by sight. Thank You that You are teaching us that joy can always be found in spite of our circumstances, and that we can carry Your peace with us always, where ever life may take us this year.
In Jesus Precious Name, so be it all.

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