Your Mercies Endure Forever


Blessed is the Name of The Lord, for Your mercies endure forever. You have poured out Your grace on me though I am unworthy, yet You are making me righteous. I was in darkness, but now I behold Your glorious light. I was lost, yet now, I am found. I was deceived, but now delivered into truth by Your Holy Spirit. You’ve turned my mourning into gladness, my grumbling into praises, and my sorrows into joy. Lord You are my rock and my fortress, on You alone do I depend for all things. You show me how to live, and what to live for. Justice and freedom are found in You alone. I searched the earth for them and found them only in You. It is to You that I turn in search of justice, it is to You that I plead my cause. Lord give us, Your Body, wisdom and understanding, that we may show those who inhabit the earth Your glorious ways. May we be full of mercy and grace, as You are, so they may see You in us, and long to know You. Lord may Your Body be of one spirit and one mind. Reveal to us the error of our ways, so that we may serve You in spirit and in truth all the days of our lives.
So be it all, in Jesus’ precious name.

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