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Prayer Closet Confessions

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Dear Father, I know that You don’t condemn me, yet I condemn myself. Days and sometimes weeks go by that I don’t absorb myself in your word or set time aside to come before You in worship and prayer. I am in constant communion with You daily, but it is not the same as taking the time to sit before You and adore You. I know that the power I need to fight life’s daily battles is found in those moments when it’s just You and me alone, away from the constant distractions of this world. I am not cheating You, for You are complete in Yourself, but I am not. I need Your power daily, Your peace, Your counsel, Your will, and Your loving embrace, to make me complete. Oh if only I did what I know is best for me. Only You can give me the power to live righteously. Only Your Spirit can give me the power I need over my flesh and the power I need over spiritual forces in my life and others lives.
Lord, how awesome to see the fruits of my prayers, seeds sown over time blossoming all around me. It makes me think of all those prayers unspoken. Oh how glorious a harvest it would be if only I came to You in prayer more faithfully. To see the fruits of the prayers I’ve prayed makes me think of all the seeds I haven’t planted. Here I am sowing gardens when I should and could be sowing acres. There is no lack of power on Your behalf but only lack of faith and faithfulness on my behalf. Lord, please forgive me my complacency. Fill my heart with love and compassion for all those around me. Help me to see things from Your perspective and conform my will to Your will. So be it all in Jesus’ precious name , so be it.