They say that every persons favorite subject to talk about is “themselves”, if this is true, I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to figure out what to write in this space. I’m simply a wife and mother, living in sunny central Florida, who homeschools her now teenage children.
Being that my children work very independently, I’ve found that I can now actually spend quality time almost daily with my creator, in bible study, prayer, and worship. I started keeping a prayer journal and doing topical bible studies on subjects that I know I need to grow in. Keeping a prayer journal has, to my surprise, helped me to feel more comfortable putting my thoughts down in writing.
Realizing that we all deal with the same issues in life, I started sharing these studies by e-mail with my loved ones who work full time. They don’t have time to put aside two hours a day solely dedicated to bible study, as I did not, back when I was working and my children were more dependent.
Well, this has resulted in some of my loved ones setting up this blog page for me as a gift, which is kind of funny, considering I’m the most computer illiterate person that I know. But we live, and we learn, and we grow. God will always continue to stretch us, to take us beyond our comfort zone, if we let Him, so that we continue to lean on Him for the support we need. And God knows that I need Him, I tell Him every day, as I look to Him for forgiveness, guidance, and strength.

Doris Parramore Tyler

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